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Chabad's Student Leadership Board

Chabad’s Student Board helps empower students for leadership roles and responsibilities in the campus community and society-at-large. We are committed to helping students explore and optimize their leadership potential by offering students project leadership and meaningful responsibility.


We always welcome new program ideas and assistance, so contact us if you’d like to serve as a member of the board or a planning committee. You can be an integral part of a dynamic circle of Jewish Spartans students who are using their talent to make a difference.


Add your voice and feel the difference you make. Together we can keep the flame of Judaism shining brightly in the Jewish Hoosier community and beyond!

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Fall 2020 Board Members

Alex Bublick

Shawn Konichowsky

Joelle Goldberg

Maddye Holt

Erica Guberman

Morgan Perller

Yes! I want to join the Chabad Leadership Board!

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

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