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Matzah Ball Soup Express


This service will become available after the high holidays.

Has the Midwest weather already wreaked havoc on your child's immune system?

Has sleep deprivation already sunk in before a single exam has been taken and your child is too sick to attend class?

Have you been resisting the urge to whip up a homemade soup and driving to Bloomington to hand-deliver it yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Chabad is here for you!


Matzah Ball Soup Express

Your all-access pass to taking care of

your son or daughter from afar!

Getting homemade kosher soup delivered straight to their dorm room or off-campus apartment is now a few clicks away.

Simply click the box below and we’ll be right over with some chicken soup – the best medicine. We know it’s true; your grandmother said so!

Send them soup now and before you know it, they will be home.

Please note this service is for current IU students feeling under the weather. Also there is no soup delivery on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Orders received by 2:30 PM EST  Monday – Friday will be contacted for delivery on that day. 

Donations are deeply appreciated. The only way that we can keep this special program going and share the warmth is through support from people like YOU! I would like to share the warmth with students at a time of need!

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