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Turn Friday night into Shabbat by joining all your fellow Jewish students for a free delicious, home-made, 4 course Shabbat dinner. What better way to end your week than to chill and hang out with friends in the warm atmosphere of Shabbat? Plus, no one says no to a hot bowl of matzah-ball soup! No prior experience necessary! Walk-ins welcome.  
​Shabbat services takes place every Friday night of the semester at 7:00 pm followed by dinner at 7:30 at Chabad.


If you can't go home for the Holidays, Chabad is definitely your next best option. Everything from model Seders to grand Menorah lighting's, Chabad is definitely the place to be around the holidays!


Sinai scholars is designed to introduce you to Judaism’s 3,000-year-old message to the world, so you can explore what that message means to you today. Eight weeks of fresh thinking and powerful connecting, this course is not a collection of facts and information. It is about big ideas that matter.

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The Trip of a Lifetime! Join the other 4,500 people who got their free trip to Israel!

Mayanot Israel is a leading official provider of Taglit-Birthright Israel trips.

 Each trip is 10 days long and free. No conditions attached. You’ll hike, climb, kayak, camel ride, float, swim, and party around the whole country! Our trips are non-denominational and open to all Jews 18-26. Our trip provides an experience of Friday night at the Western Wall, which is a huge part of the overall Israel experience for almost every student that participates on the trip.  


Shabbat at Chabad is an unforgettable experience. But how about spending Shabbat at Chabad - together with hundreds of other Jewish students from your state, your region, or even from all over the world? Every year in the Fall, the Chabad on Campus International Student Shabbaton brings together nearly 1,000 students from over 100 schools around the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe and South America. Join your fellow students for a uniquely memorable cultural and educational experience at Chabad’s world headquarters, including spirited Shabbat dinners, discussions, networking, Saturday night mega event, educational workshops, tours of NYC and more! For more info and to register visit



The persecution of our tribe during the Holocaust, and how we live as Jews today, connects us with the future of our people. Chabad on Campus explores this vital connection during Living Links, an inspirational seven-day Poland trip for college students.

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Have some questions? Want to learn something specific? Maybe you just want to sit and talk with the Rabbi? It's Rabbi Levi with the guys, and Sheina with the girls for a chat or a personal study session.



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Feeling sick or under the weather? Call the Chicken Soup Hotline for a FREE chicken-soup delivery, right to your door. A steaming bowl of Sheina's matzah-ball-soup should cure you in no time.

Our  subsidized Mezuzah program enables all students to proudly display their Jewish pride on the doors of their very own room for just $10! The word is spreading like wild-fire and pretty soon we imagine and hope that every room with a Jewish student will have a Mezuzah proudly adorning its entrance. A Mezuzah is a scroll which has inscribed in it the holy words of the Shema prayer. It is customary to have one hung on the doorpost. This Mitzvah brings protection and is a proud show of our Judaism. Let's turn a "Room of a Jew" into "A Jewish Room."


What makes this land different than all other lands? Discover Your Israel with a six week course designed to dig deeper than the politics on the ground and provide real answers to today’s most pressing questions.

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Add your voice and feel the difference you make. Help keep the flame of Judaism shining brightly for the Jewish Hoosiers and beyond!

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